How to Maximize Storage Space in the House

How to Maximize Storage Space in the House

Whether your house is tiny and can barely fit another closet or all your belongings over the years have cluttered up the once empty spaces, make every inch of your cozy house count with these resourceful ideas. Keep even the smallest spaces organized with our creative storage and organization solutions from ONYX Designs.


Living Room:

Regardless of whether the family usually uses the living room as a space to mingle and interact with one another or to watch TV and relax alone, living room areas need to fulfill both the functions of enhancing the look of a house as well as storing all the entertainment needs of the family.


Most families just carry their items into the living room and leave it on the table and sometimes even the floor beside the couch.  This is exactly what you don’t want as stuff piles up.


Solution? Give your family a place to put their things so they can have them right where they need them. 


  • TV remotes & electronics: When you don’t want all the remotes & electronics disappearing when you are looking for them, try to have our ONYX 3-Tier drawer (1) to drop all your random electrical gadgets into. 


  • Kid’s games and toys: Designate a certain corner to be the Kid’s corner where they can keep and play with all their toys within.  Our ONYX Collapsible Crate (3) or ONYX Toy Box adds color and vibrancy to the room and are easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • Reading: Store books, newspapers or magazines in our ONYX Stackz Storage under the coffee tables or end tables.


  • Napping:  Store folded blankets in our ONYX Multifunction box (5) and put these away so the living room does not start looking like a morning after bedroom.


Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga ONYX Plastik

Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga ONYX Plastik

1) 4 Tier & 3 Tier Drawer

2) Storex Multipurpose Box 6.0 Lt

3) Collapsible Crate

4) Vito Box: 10 Lt & 5.2 Lt

5) Multifunction Box




Space in the bathroom should be optimized in order to get everyone out of the house on time every morning.  Below are a few tips to make the most out of this space and have a fresh start to your morning:



  • Instead of having toothbrushes lying all over the place by the sink, use our toothbrush holders with its simple yet pleasant design.  Our ONYX Toothbrush Holder (3) holds up to 4 toothbrushes.  Another more personalized and useful piece is the ONYX Toothbrush Holder Cup (5), which can be used both to store and for gargling after brushing your teeth.


  • It is highly necessary to take advantage of vertical space in the bathroom.  This is exactly where our stackable ONYX Multifunction box comes in handy.  Have different boxes for towel storage and electric gadgets and beauty products.


Removing all the clutter and organizing the space will help you get out the door faster everyday.  

Perlengkapan Kamar Mandi ONYX Plastik

1) Tissue Box

2) Oval Water Bucket

3) 4 piece Toothbrush Holder

4) Bar Soap Dispenser

5) 1 piece Toothbrush Holder Cup

6) Liquid Soap Dispenser

7) Water Scoop

8) Square Tissue Box

9) Perforated Trash Bin

10) Home Luxury Trash Bin